PSD Ai | 1.9 GB RAR
Introducing the Personalised Portrait Creator! It’s super fun to use and with just a few clicks, you’ll be creating unique, hand drawn custom portraits that will wow your clients, impress your family and friends and even jazz-up your blog. Adding a personal touch to any project couldn’t be easier!
The Personalised Portrait Creator is a great design asset to have on hand to create beautiful personalised items!
Perfect for personalised wedding stationery and one-of-a-kind bridesmaids gifts. Guests will love the extra personal touch to their wedding favours.
Become a pro at designing personalised greeting cards or beautiful wall art, it’s so easy to use. And with the seasonal outfits included, you’ll be using this set all year round.
LATEST UPDATE As part of the latest update, you can now add Gran and Grandpa to your projects! Creating extended family portraits couldn’t be easier. I’ve also included two additional body shapes for the Woman and Man portraits. Plus I’ve added eye colours you can customise.
But it doesn’t stop there, your special furry friends can be part of the action too! With over 95 cats and dogs added, the kits fun-o-meter just went up a notch!
I’ve made sure to retain all the details in my drawings so your work will look authentically hand crafted.
To keep the options endless, I’ve included over 155 patterns for the portrait outfits, 120 floral elements and some extra whimsical illustrations so you can design-up-a-storm and have fun doing it!

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CM - Copper Fall BUNDLE // KateMaxStock 2058290


High Resolution landscape- and portrait-oriented images. Copper, Fall Thanksgiving table setting scenes in a number of sizes, shot from a variety of angles and compositions. Perfect for your fall, festive holiday branding and ready to be customized with your designs for your brand!
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CM - Space Colony Sans Serif Fonts 2058633


6 OTF | 151 KB RAR
Before the original sketches, I had imagined and dreamed this font was used for side characters of retro robot animations such as Gundam and Ideon. But the sketches was put in a PENDING folder. It was a few years ago…
In the beginning of 2011, I restart working with the sketches to complete as a font file. Detail and some shape were improved retaining the original concept and they were completed and named 'Space Colony'.
Just as the name implies, this wide and geometric font family consisting of 6 weights was designed targeting at use for futuristic product of game, movie, logo and so on.
Not only that but the rounded shape makes a lovely, cute and soft impressions so this font is suit for cartoon, animation and character merchandise too.
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CM - Flat Icon Pack 2058417


Ai EPS | 20 MB RAR
Inside this flat icon pack you will receive 24 highly detailed icons that have widely varying subject matter. All the icons were hand designed in the style of flat design with the same color palette and style characteristics. There are food icons, vehicle icons, landscape icons, and much more. These flat icons can be used for just about anything!
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CM - Diamond Ring Display Fonts 2058632


4 OTF | 102 KB RAR
Diamond Ring is an Art Deco font inspired by Japanese designs for cosmetic packaging and posters used from the end of the 19th century to the early 20th.
The most distinguishing characteristic is the diagonal parts of the glyphs. All diagonals have the same degree of the angle.
By this elements, whole design of this font and typography with this font look like the shining of diamond ring during total solar eclipse.
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CM - Neuf Display Fonts 2058515


5 OTF 5 TTF | 138 KB RAR
Neuf family is an experimental search for new Art Deco letterforms, which are still easy to read and generate some unexpected attention.The distinguishes Neuf favoured by Art Deco and its predecessor Art Nouveau with a modern design touch. The style of Neuf is characterized by geometric shapes and craft motifs with Machine Age imagery and materials.
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CM - Vecmetry Display Fonts 2056858


4 OTF 4 TTF | 90 KB RAR
This font is more than just letters, it’s inspired by vector art. It’s name, Vecmetry comes from the combination of vector and geometry, that’s why it keeps the most basic elements of design: circle, square and triangle. Vecmetry family has 4 layer able fonts and offers endless combinations; and this makes it especially perfect for headlines and logos.
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CM - Poeta Color 2057875


7 OTF | 2.5 MB RAR
Poeta is a color dingbat font family of floral, sun, and nature motifs with diverse cultural origins. There are more than 50 dingbats in each font. This font began with sketches of patterns seen around Sicily; a land rich in poetry.
There are seven different fonts in this family. Each font has a different color or grey combination; solid (black), grey, gradient, primary, secondary, tertiary, and diverse. Each dingbat has individual colored parts. Those who desire to make a single color dingbat can do so with the solid font.
Designers can use Poeta to make unique line patterns, fields, borders, or other ornamentation. The dingbats are versatile enough for pure visual embellishment or for creating a festive seasonal or holiday mood. Play with layering and opacity to explore the additional color-mixing potential of this font.
Poeta is vector-based and fully scalable. The color and gradient fonts are supported by Photoshop 2017 and Illustrator 2018. The solid font is supported by all software, will appear black, and can be colored in the usual ways.
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CM - Holiday Mockups 2058607


JPG | 257 MB RAR
Welcome to my Holiday Stock Photo/Mockup Collection. This bundle is jam-packed? with gorgeous images you can use to up-level your brand now and well into the new year. With rustic undertones, cozy mockups and inviting scenes, your clients and followers will swoon over your new look. Classic, sophisticated and just your style.
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CM - Set Vintage motorcycle labels 2045223


Vintage posters are ideal for printing and embossing on T-shirts, helmets, jackets and other clothes. For the advertising design of a motor club, a motorcycle repair shop.
The set includes 48 monochrome and colored labels and design elements. High quality. Transparent background. Elements are easily scalable and editable. You can easily combine all the details and create your own new creative designs. Open in vector editors, for example, adobe illustrator, CorelDRAW and others. Raster jpeg, png files with transparency are opened in raster editors, for example in Photoshop.
This collection of items includes:
  • 6 color logos (emblems) with motorbike — 6 PNG 5000х5000 pixels, 6 JPG 5000х5000 pixels, 6 EPS10, 6 AI File
  • 9 monochrome logos (emblems) with motorbike — 9 PNG 5000х5000 pixels, 9 JPG 5000х5000 pixels, 9 EPS10, 1 AI File
  • 3 colored motorcycle rider skulls — 3 PNG 5000х5000 pixels, 3 JPG 5000х5000 pixels, 3 EPS10, 3 AI File
  • 3 monochrome skulls of a motorcycle rider — 3 PNG 5000х5000 pixels, 3 JPG 5000х5000 pixels, 3 EPS10, 3 AI File
  • 6 full-color motorcycle elements — 6 PNG 5000х5000 pixels, 6 JPG 5000х5000 pixels, 6 EPS10, 6 AI File
  • 7 monochrome motorcycle elements — 67 PNG 5000х5000 pixels, 7 JPG 5000х5000 pixels, 7 EPS10, 7 AI File
  • 3 colored pairs of wings — 3 PNG 5000х5000 pixels, 3 JPG 5000х5000 pixels, 3 EPS10, 3 AI File
  • 3 monochrome pairs of wings — 3 PNG 5000х5000 pixels, 3 JPG 5000х5000 pixels, 3 EPS10, 3 AI File
  • 1 full color helmet — 1 PNG 5000х5000 pixels, 1 JPG 5000х5000 pixels, 1 EPS10, 1 AI File
  • 1 monochrome helmet — 1 PNG 5000х5000 pixels, 1 JPG 5000х5000 pixels, 1 EPS10, 1 AI File
  • 3 full color motorcycles — 3 PNG 5000х5000 pixels, 3 JPG 5000х5000 pixels, 3 EPS10, 3 AI File
  • 3 monochrome motorcycles — 3 PNG 5000х5000 pixels, 3 JPG 5000х5000 pixels, 3 EPS10, 3 AI File
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CM - Yummo Sans Serif Fonts 2058618


5 OTF | 99 KB RAR
Yummo is a geometric and somewhat condensed sans serif type family that can be used in wide range of applications.
The minimal glyphs that had been shaped superbly will give modern and contemporary impressions. At the same time, the rounded shape make your typography softer and cuter. Yummo is not only 'geometric rounded font' but they have also humanness and loveliness as though they were hadwritten.
To accomdate wide range of usage, This family consists of 5 wights and includes diacritics for most European in each weights.
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CM - House Of Cards 2058630


4 OTF | 99 KB RAR
House of cards is inspired by and based on retro Hamilton's Teniers typeface which is popular wooden type fonts of the 19th century.
To make natural and contemporary impressions, the original lowercase design was slightly changed from the original but all glyphs had been designed carefully to be retro-looking of the old time and to fill all with nostalgia.
This modern wood type includes 2 weights and their matching italic style and all style have sprayed ends(beginning) alternates for F, H, P, U, f, h, m, n, t, u, and w which can be accessed by using OpenType Stylistic alternates or swash alts.
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CM - Aareata Script 2056668


This modern calligraphy script has been attentively written, with gentle curves to produce a font thats completely distinctive and original. It contains a full set of lower & uppercase letters, a large range of punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support. Perfect for adding a elegant and unique touch to your lettering projects and branding
Also with their help, you can create a Wedding lettering or beautiful frame for your home. Or just use for your small business, book covers, stationery, marketing, magazines and more.
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